Ogar Strong | It's time to get OGAR Strong.

It's time to get OGAR Strong.

OGAR Strong is the collaborative effort of a powerful community of people linking arms to support one of our own, Kevin Ogar. It's true that there's a strength in numbers and together we can rally to embrace Kevin and his family as they embark on this challenging life-changing journey.


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Kevin's Story

As coach at CrossFit Unbroken in Englewood, CO and an accomplished elite level athlete himself, Kevin Ogar's focus each and every day is to help make people better. His kind-hearted personality and genuine care for an athlete's well being is what makes Kevin shine and those around him are drawn to his warmth and caring attitude.

As an athlete Kevin is no stranger to pushing himself to his greatest abilities. He is so comfortable in the uncomfortable and his ability to handle pain is far beyond that of a normal human being. A Superman in his own right. Kevin excelled in CrossFit the most, being one of the best in the sport. This is his legacy. CrossFit is a part of him and will stay that way forever. He will continue to affect people positively through CrossFit and through his triumph over this tragic event.

What happened to Kevin Ogar?

On January 12th, 2014 Kevin Ogar’s life changed forever. He suffered a traumatic injury to his spinal cord as a result of a “freak accident” while competing at an event in Orange County, California. At this time, Kevin has no movement below the waist and will be faced with numerous surgeries and a long road ahead for rehabilitation.


Every little bit helps. Donate to support his fight.

There's strong...and then there's OGAR Strong.


Are you wondering if there is anything your gym can do to help? Yes you can! You can host an "Ogar" WOD at your gym anytime to support his fight.


OGAR Strong Tees

Support Kevin Ogar by rocking the signature Ogar Strong tee on this Reebok graphic blank. 100% of all sales from each shirt will go directly to Kevin.

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Guidelines for helping

Thank you for your interest in helping Kevin in these difficult times. Please download the guidelines below that has all details and guidelines on the best ways to help.



Questions, comments or just want to help out? Let us know.

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